Fitness Education and Athletics: Michelle’s Story

Xpert Fitness Gym owner Michelle Linden is a certified personal fitness trainer with more than 20 years experience training people of all ages and fitness levels. 

Michelle coaches clients at her private gym in Penn Township.  She also trains clients in their homes within a 30-minute drive of her Penn Township gym.  And, she conducts virtual online training whenever it makes sense for her to do so with clients.

As a personal training expert with an extensive athletic and training background, Michelle offers the most efficient and effective fitness training techniques dedicated to helping her clients reach their personal health and fitness goals, guaranteed.

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Fitness Training in high school

High School Athletics and Learning About Fitness

Michelle knew from a young age that she loved competing in sports.  She excelled as a fast pitch softball athlete at Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, Pa.  It was then when she knew that she loved the fitness training aspect of sports as much as she loved the competition.


College Sports Training and Fitness Education

Michelle received an academic sports scholarship to Gannon University in Erie, Pa., where she studied sports psychology and nutrition and represented the school in tennis, softball, and volleyball.  As she worked and played her way through college, she also studied the fitness training that accompanied her college sports career.  When she graduated from college, she already knew she wanted to work as a personal trainer. 

strength training

Bodybuilder and Fitness Trainer

After college, Michelle started working as a personal fitness trainer.  At the same time, her love of athletic competition hit a new high when she found success as a semi-professional body builder, winning body building competitions in 1994 (Miss South Florida), 1995 (Miss Junior Florida), and 1996 (Miss Florida).

Fitness Training and Athletics Offered Michelle Exciting Opportunities

Having learned the lesson that fitness training and athletics could take her places, Michelle decided to try out for the popular 1990s television show American Gladiator.  To prepare, she began training at a boxing gym where she met a boxing promoter intrigued by her athletic appearance and personal training background.  He offered her a chance to train his heavy weight boxer who needed to lose weight and get in shape for an upcoming fight.  Michelle helped the heavyweight get into the best shape of his life. He won his fight.

Happy with the success of his heavy weight boxer, the promoter offered Michelle an opportunity to learn boxing for herself at the gym of Muhammad Ali’s famous boxing trainer, Angelo Dundee.

boxing on the bag
Professional Boxer and Fitness Trainer

Once at Angelo Dundee’s boxing gym, Michelle provided personal fitness training to some of the professional female boxers who were already training there.  Soon she also became a professional boxer and over a twelve-year career in boxing from 1998 to 2010 she rose to the top of the sport, reaching a ranking of 4th in the world in her weight class.

boxing professional
Personal Trainer with Extensive Experience

During her athletic career, Michelle had the luxury to work with some of the best professional trainers in the sports world.  She learned something valuable from each one of them.  All the while, she has never stopped training her own clients

Today, Michelle is as devoted to personal training as ever. She uses her education and extensive experience to design fun and effective fitness programs that transform her clients’ lives no matter if beginners or athletes, women or men, seniors or youth.  Michelle has something for everyone from building confidence in a teenager to showing a mom how much she can benefit from personal training even after years of inactivity.

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