Every Kid Should Learn Youth Boxing

October 12, 2022

To be very clear, youth boxing is not about violence or anyone getting beat up in any way.  Youth boxing is a uniquely positive activity and can always be practiced safely. In fact, according to boxing coach Michelle Linden, “Most youth boxers never go beyond punching mitts and bags with their trainers. It’s only a minority of young boxers who are interested in becoming amateur boxers who eventually step into a ring to practice with another young boxer in a very safe and controlled way.” 

Youth boxing is one of the most well-rounded sports activities that a teenager or preteen can participate in. Youth boxing builds all-around fitness, teaches self-defense skills, including avoiding confrontations, instills confidence, especially in those who need it, and it’s fun. 

Training has many focuses such as speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, strength, balance, etc.  All the focuses are easily transferrable to other sports; therefore, boxing can serve as an entry sport for kids still in search of their favorite.  Training also helps kids get fit and stay fit by making it easier for them to keep their weight in a healthy range and by conditioning their cardiovascular systems to withstand short intense bursts of activity like those practiced in interval training and boxing drills.

Training increases confidence, too.  As kids see improvements in their technique, fitness, and mental strategy, confidence can soar, which is especially helpful for anyone with bullying issues.  Not only does boxing offer kids more confidence to withstand bullies, but it also provides self-defense methods to fend them off, if the preferred methods of de-escalation or walking away don’t work. 

Boxing may be the greatest sports activity for a young person to engage in early in life.  The earlier the better.  To instill confidence at a young age is invaluable, and the benefit of understanding your body at a young age can lead to more satisfying athletic challenges later in life.  The key to it all may be in finding a boxing coach who truly understands boxing and will make learning the sport one of the most fun activities that a young person can do. A great boxing coach will motivate with positive reinforcement and encourage a teens and preteens that they can go on from boxing and do anything they want in life.


Fitness Boxing Can Change Your Life

September 20, 2022

Boxing may sound like an unorthodox choice for someone just hoping to get into a little better shape. In today’s world ‘boxing’ is much more than the popular sport your parents grew up following. Today, if your personal trainer suggests that you try ‘fitness boxing’ as part of your exercise routine, you should go for it.

The very best personal trainers add fitness boxing into their clients’ exercise routines.  Why?  Because fitness boxing offers huge benefits for helping you transform your body and calm your mind. 

Biggest bang for your buck. 

Fitness boxing is a super high intensity exercise. You can start slowly and build your length of time and intensity up over time.  As you grow with it, the benefits will pay dividends.  Fitness boxing can include shadow boxing, punching a heavy bag and a speed bag, and punching mitts that your trainer holds for you.

Calorie Burning

Boxing is one of the highest calorie-burning exercises you can do.  As you work with your personal trainer on proper boxing technique, you will see that every part of the body down to the core is involved in boxing. The body’s muscular interactions improve calorie burning.

More Calorie Burning

When combined with your diet, fitness boxing helps you slim down safely and effectively. In addition, fitness boxing can be incorporated into your regular workout routine. Calorie burning can be improved by combining intervals of boxing with light strength training exercises using resistance bands. The exercise combo is the best for burning calories, fat, and inches, and it is such a fun routine!


Along with all the calorie burning comes great conditioning.  After practicing fitness boxing a couple of days a week for a few weeks, you’ll find that you don’t get winded as easily as you once did.  You’ll approach your day knowing that you can perform more physical routines and be less likely to get out of breath.

Muscle Strengthening

Fitness boxing makes you stronger, too.  When working out on the bag, your core muscles are fully engaged to give the complete range of your abs a workout.  Your legs also stay fully engaged while they undergird your upper body as you strike the bag with straights, jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.  You dip into squat positions as your legs partner with your abs in practicing evasive maneuvers like slips and rolls, and all the while, you step in and around the bag creating proper positioning for your punches.  The upper back, shoulders, and arms get an obvious workout, which is perfect for toning those muscles into fit shape.

Stress Relief

The intensity of fitness boxing offers immediate stress relief through the release of endorphins, which previously gained huge popularity in running.  Longer term, in addition to the regular release of endorphins, feeling capable and fit and allowing yourself to have some fun are all ways that fitness boxing can help you calm your mind.

Proper Technique

Of course, anyone could start throwing punches on a bag and burn calories. However, the best way to get started with fitness boxing is to find a personal trainer with the skills to teach you how to safely enjoy and benefit from the practice.  Allow your trainer to help you begin fitness boxing at your appropriate level of fitness.  You can build your fitness level from there.  Your personal trainer should also teach you proper technique on stances, footwork, and punching to help you avoid injuries and maximize your workout. 

Can’t see yourself punching the bag?  Hold judgement until after you try it.  Fitness boxing is easier to enjoy than you may think, and it could change your life in the process.


Two Ways Fitness Training Can Be Made Most Effective and Serve You Well

In-home personal training and virtual personal training

August 30, 2022

Getting fit isn’t easy, but in-home and virtual personal training offer great opportunities for you to get into the best shape of your life. Here’s why:

First, in-home and virtual personal training provide the most comfortable and convenient ways for you to effectively improve your fitness. Meeting your personal trainer at your home offers many benefits. You have a supervised workout minus all the distracting sights, sounds, and smells of a gym. And driving to the gym will never be as convenient as meeting your personal trainer in the comfort of your own home.

Second, you don’t need to have access to all of the equipment a gym has to offer. You only need enough equipment to perform the exercises in your personal trainer’s training plan. That could be as little as an exercise band and some dumbbells.

Third, you are more accountable for your training session when you know that your personal trainer will come to you. It’s easier to say to yourself, “I think I’ll skip the gym today,” than it is to have to offer an excuse to your personal trainer.

The bottom line is that if you want to succeed in improving your fitness, then having an in-home or virtual personal trainer could be the simplest, most convenient, and effective way for you to reach your goal.