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Best Personal Fitness Training in Monroeville Serving Women, Men, Seniors, Youth, Athletes, and Beginners

Xpert Fitness Gym owner Michelle Linden serves the greater Monroeville area including Plum, Murrysville, Trafford, North Versailles, Wilmerding, Turtle Creek, Wilkins Township, Penn Hills, and Pitcairn.

If you’re looking for personal fitness training in Monroeville, look no further than the broad services offered by Michelle Linden for private gym, in-home, and virtual fitness training.

In-Home Fitness Training

Michelle can train you in the comfort of your own home, if you live within 30 minutes of her private gym in Penn Township.

Private Gym Personal Training

If you would rather train in a gym outside of your home, Michelle’s private gym in Penn Township has all the gym equipment and workout space you need for effective and efficient one-on-one or group training sessions.

Virtual Personal Training

If In-Home or Private Gym training don’t work well for you, then maybe Virtual Online Fitness Training via Zoom would work better.


In-Home, Private Gym, and Virtual training options can be flexed to create a more solid personal fitness training program.

Call today for a free fitness assessment and to learn more about what an affordable and effective fitness training program could do for you.


Fitness Training in Monroeville

Is Personal Training Effective?

Personal trainers provide the most effective way for anyone to get fit. 

Imagine that you’re building a small team to help you get the fitness results you want.  Michelle creates an exercise plan based on your fitness assessment and personal goals.  You work hard at each training session you have with her.  She ensures that you perform the exercises correctly. She holds you accountable to meet her on your agreed upon schedule. You can even include a friend to create a small group and cost-effective fitness training for all.

Private gym, in-home, and virtual exercise training ensure that every minute of your session is used effectively.

About Monroeville

Located about 13 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Monroeville has a population of about 30,000. 

The municipality borders nine other communities including Plum, Murrysville, Trafford, North Versailles, Wilmerding, Turtle Creek, Wilkins Township, and Penn Hills.  The community of Pitcairn is situated entirely within the borders of Monroeville.

Fun Facts about Monroeville

Monroeville was named for the area’s first postmaster, Joel Monroe.