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Top Personal Training in North Huntingdon

Xpert Fitness Gym owner Michelle Linden provides personal fitness training in the greater North Huntingdon area, including North Irwin and Irwin.

If you’re looking for personal training services in North Huntingdon, look no further than the broad services offered by Michelle for in-home, private gym, and virtual personal fitness training.

Personal training services in North Huntingdon include:

  • Women’s Fitness Training
  • Senior Fitness Training
  • Youth Fitness Training
  • General Fitness Training (for everyone)
  • Rehab Training
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition Supervision
  • Fitness Boxing
  • Youth Boxing Training
  • Adult Boxing Training
  • Body Building/Fitness Competition Training
  • Sport Performance Training
  • In-Person Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes
  • Zoom Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes
  • In-Person Boxing Fitness Classes

Call today for a free fitness assessment and to learn more about what an affordable and effective fitness training program could do for you.


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Why use a personal trainer?

A personal trainer provides you with an effective exercise program, efficient training sessions, and accountability to show up and workout. 

Michelle creates your training program based on your personal fitness assessment and your personal goals.  You don’t have to research the exercises.  She does it for you.  You don’t have to design a program.  She does that for you, too.  You show up and she ensures that you perform the exercises correctly.  You get the results you want, guaranteed.

In-home, virtual, and private gym training ensure that every minute of your session is used effectively.

About North Huntingdon

North Huntingdon is a suburb of Pittsburgh located about 19 miles southeast of the city.  The population of North Huntingdon is about 31,000.  When combined with its immediate neighbors Irwin and North Irwin, the population of the area grows to about 35,000. 

Fun Facts about North Huntingdon

North Huntingdon Township was originally part of Huntingdon township, which was founded in 1772 and named after England’s Earl of Huntingdon.